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Our rules

Rules for children’s classes


  • - Students must be registered in order to join a course
  • - The registration takes effect upon reception of a complete contact information + read and signed school rules document.
  • - All news related to the classes will be posted in the relevant parents' WhatsApp chats.
  • - After signing the contract, the parents will be added to the relevant WhatsApp group.
  • - If you do not have this app, please install it before the course starts.
  • - A written confirmation shall be provided for any one who has registered for a course that they are medically fit for dancing or gymnastics. A medical attestation might be requested.


  • - Fees must be paid for the chosen course/es. You can pay for classes with a bank account transfer:
    IBAN: BE10 3631 1223 5104, IMPULS vzw, BIC BBRUBEBB or by cash to your teacher during classes.
  • Communication: full name of your child + name of the course + lidgeld


1st Semester : September - December 2022
Number of kids / Classes per week 1 class per week 2 classes per week 3 classes per week 4 classes per week
1 child 150 euro 234 euro 310 euro 350 euro
2 child and more (15% discount) 130 euro 200 euro 265 euro 300 euro
2nd Semester : January - June 2023
Number of kids / Classes per week 1 class per week 2 classes per week 3 classes per week 4 classes per week
1 child 190 euro 304 euro 399 euro 456 euro
2 child and more (15% discount) 160 euro 260 euro 340 euro 390 euro
  • - Mandatory insurance - 10 euros per child for academic year. The insurance is valid for one academic year
  • - Please pay attention to the price difference between the first and second semester. The first semester has a shorter duration, hence the price for the second semester is higher.
  • - The payments for the services are to be completed within 15 days after the start of the course. In case of delays the child will not be allowed to attend the classes.
  • - It is not possible to pay for single lessons, the minimum payment is for a semester.
  • - In case of two children from the same family - 15% DISCOUNT for the second child. You can combine any dance styles (dance, gymnastics, etc.).
    How is the discount for a second (or more) child calculated?
  • A 15% discount is applied for the child who attends fewer classes (or the same number of classes) per week, regardless of age.


  • - Parents must inform a teacher about foreseen absences for organizational reasons.
  • - An absence, even notified, cannot be refunded.
  • - If, within reason, a child missed a lesson, the missed lesson can be replaced with another lesson in any other dance group intended for the same age during the same semester. A child can replace a lesson of any teacher, but the class should correspond to the age of the child.
  • - If the lesson is canceled due to a teacher's illness or other serious impediments, the lesson will be rescheduled for another day.
  • - In case of force majeure (e.g. natural disaster / pandemics / ...) our classes will be forcely canceled. In such cases there will be no refund for paid subscriptions.
  • - In case of force majeure, all possible efforts will be put in place to provide classes when feasible and safe.
  • - Classes missed in case of long absence (at least 5 consecutive weeks and only based on a medical attestation), can be carried over to the following school year. No refund can be made. School must be informed immediately and a medical confirmation of the injury must be provided to the administrator.


  • - School fees include group insurance for all registered students. The insurance only covers the duration of the classes.
  • - Parents are responsible for their children outside class hours. They are expected to take them into the school and be responsible for them before and after the class.


  • - Going to a classroom or a studio may imply walking through a room with an ongoing class. Both students and parents are kindly asked to do so silently and with utmost discretion.
  • - Please also remain quiet in corridors and changing rooms. Noises will otherwise disturb the ongoing courses.
  • - Please silence your mobile phones before entering the class.
  • - Smoking is strictly forbidden on the premises. Pets are not allowed in the school.


  • - Students are expected to be ready on time, i.e. dressed with the appropriate clothes and shoes 5 minutes before class starts
  • - Appropriate clothing for the course is mandatory. Teacher will inform you where to purchase the required clothing.
  • - For classes you must have the clothes indicated by the school for the specific dance program. Additional requirements: girls' hair is tied in a bun, jewelry is not allowed for safety reasons.
  • - As a sign of consideration for the teachers and the other participants, no one is allowed into the class 5 minutes after the course has started.
  • - Students waiting for the next class are kindly requested to be silent till the end of the on-going class. Mobile phones must be silenced during class !
  • - Impuls administration reserves the right to exclude students from the course if their behavior interrupts the course and disturbs the teacher and the other students.


- Under certain circumstances, Impuls reserves the right to appoint a substitute teacher without notice in order to guarantee the continuation of the course. This will be done in the spirit that working with another equally qualified teacher is still an opportunity and always beneficial for the student.


  • - It is strictly forbidden to eat in the studios, the corridors and the changing rooms.
  • - Do not leave valuables in the changing rooms, studios or corridors.
  • - Take your handbag, wallet, mobile (silenced), watch, etc... with you into the dance studio.
  • - The school is not liable for the loss, theft or damage to any personal property that occurred in the school premises.


  • - Only registered students are allowed to attend the courses. No accompanying person is allowed to stay in the studio
  • - Teachers reserve the right to close the studio blinds to avoid distractions and provide students with quality courses.
  • - Parents are required to inform about any adverse conditions or limitations for their children to practice dancing or gymnastics. Furthermore, parents shall provide detailed information about their childrens’ allergies, chronic diseases, injuries, surgeries, etc.


  • - Costumes for concerts, festivals and other performances are prepared by Impuls. The costumes are property of the school. The parent is required to pay a fee for the costume if the student takes part in concerts, festivals and other performances. For the duration of the performances at concerts and festivals, the student rents a costume from Impuls.
  • - If a child participates in the performance, parents are required to purchase tickets for concerts and festivals in advance.
  • - If you cannot come to a performance or event, you must notify the teacher / administrator in advance.
  • - If necessary, it is allowed to make changes to the current rules of the center, which is notified in advance


  • With parental consent/agreement, the administration of Impuls reserves the right to photograph (or film) children and use photographs for educational purposes (website, publications, reports).


  • - Individual lessons for children are possible from 4 years.
  • - The schedule for private classes or wedding dance is made by personal arrangement with the student / students.
  • - Students can sign up for the first private lesson or wedding dance lesson by phone without prepayment.
  • - You can cancel an individual lesson or a wedding dance lesson no later than 24 hours before the lesson, otherwise the lesson is paid in 100% amount.
We are interested in comfortable, intense and effective training to give you full confidence, positive and dancing skills!
You can always contact us if you have any questions.
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Studio Impuls
Membership fee for adults
  • - Subscription to the selected dance classes has a validity period. After its expiration date the subscription is invalid. Subscription can not be extended, classes are not rescheduled.
  • - Subscription is made personally for you and cannot be given to or used by other persons.
  • - Before a class please give a membership card to your teacher and pick it up after the class.
  • - In case of illness or long business trips, you have the right to 'freeze’ a subscription for a period of not more than two weeks.
  • - In case of loss of the membership card you have the right to restore it. On this issue contact the administration center.
  • - Payment or registration of membership cards is done immediately before the beginning of classes.
  • - If you have health problems, consult with a specialist about the possible physical workload for you. Remember that you are responsible for your own health!

We are interested in comfortable, intense and effective training to give you full confidence, positive and dancing skills!
You can always contact us if you have any questions.
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