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Our rules

Force majeure circumstances
  • In the event of unseen circumstances (for example: extraordinary circumstances, bad weather, pandemics ...) we will have to cancel the lessons.
  • The amount paid for the subscription is non-refundable.
  • You will have information about missed courses: where and how you can get them. You will be offered free participation in other courses or in the course during the holidays.
Subscription for children
  • To attend classes you must first register on the website, by phone/email. The number of places in groups is limited (8-12 people).
  • - Group classes are scheduled. Please, come 10 minutes earlier, in order to have some time for changing clothes and get ready for the class. For small children before the class we recommend to visit the toilet.
  • Our school has the right to make changes to the schedule and replace the scheduled teacher.
  • - For classes you should have the clothes chosen by the teacher.
  • The requirements are: girls' hair should be gathered in a knot, jewelry is not allowed.
  • The requirements are: girls' hair should be gathered in a knot, jewelry is not allowed. School’s administration is not responsible for the safety of your belongings.
  • At the beginning of each school year, you fill out a questionnaire with personal information. If the information changes please report it to the administrator.
  • Parents are obliged to warn about the health peculiarities of the child (like allergies, chronic diseases, injuries, surgeries, etc.).
  • If you can not attend a class or event, please notify the teacher / administrator in advance.
  • In cases of necessity administration of the school may make changes in the rules.
  • Please pay attention to the price difference for the first and second semesters. During the first semester we have LESS hours than during the second. Therefore, the price for the second semester is HIGHER.
  • How is the discount for a second (or more) child being calculated?
    A 15% discount on the semester fee can be applied for a child based on the number of lessons by week regardless of age.
Membership fee for adults
  • If you miss a lesson, the payment is not refundable. Membership subscription does not include a separate class payment, only fixed monthly or annual payment. When you choose a monthly payment, please note that there are no classes during the holidays.
  • If you paid for the semester and you have to stop training for personal reasons, the amount you paid will not be reimbursed.
  • If the lesson is canceled due to the illness of the teacher or force majeure circumstances, payment is not reimbursed, the class is to be rescheduled to another day.
Individual lessons

Individual lessons for children are possible from 4 years.

The schedule for private classes or wedding dance is made by personal arrangement with the student / students.

Students can sign up for the first private lesson or wedding dance lesson by phone without prepayment.

You can cancel an individual lesson or a wedding dance lesson no later than 24 hours before the lesson, otherwise the lesson is paid in 100% amount.

Membership fee for adults
  • Subscription to the selected dance classes has a validity period. After its expiration date the subscription is invalid. Subscription can not be extended, classes are not rescheduled.
  • Subscription is made personally for you and cannot be given to or used by other persons. - Before a class please give a membership card to your teacher and pick it up after the class.
  • In case of illness or long business trips, you have the right to 'freeze’ a subscription for a period of not more than two weeks.
  • In case of loss of the membership card you have the right to restore it. On this issue contact the administration center.
  • Payment or registration of membership cards is done immediately before the beginning of classes.
  • If you have health problems, consult with a specialist about your possible physical workload. Remember that you are responsible for your own health!
  • Atenție la diferența de preț pentru primul și al doilea semestru. În primul semestru avem MAI PUȚINE ore decât în al doilea. Prin urmare, prețul pentru semestrul al doilea este MAI MARE
  • Cum este calculata reducerea pentru al doilea copil (sau mai multi)?
    O reducere de 30% din tariful trimestrial poate fi aplicata pentru un copil in functie de numarul de cursuri saptamanale, indiferent de varsta.

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