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Studio Impuls opens new groups of Contemporary dance for teenagers.

We are happy to invite children from 10 years old to Contemporary Dance classes. Contemporary Dance is a set of physical development methods (for strength, plasticity, connection with the entire body, dancing lonely and interacting with other dancers) and possibility to express yourself through dance and improvisation.

Contemporary Dance takes into account the individuality of each person. The lesson will consist of warm-up exercises, several dance combinations and improvisation.




17:00-18:00 (from 10 years)

Woluwe-Saint-Lambert 1200,

Place de la Sainte-Famille 1


Contemporary Dance is a style with many flexible movements designed to help relax and express emotions with the body. It does not tolerate strict restrictions because it is based on freedom and sincerity .

Contemporary dance is one of the most interesting styles and its popularity is growing rapidly. It is easy to explain by the presence of these important advantages:

  • Possibility of developing the natural capacity of your body
  • Discovering of new choreographic possibilities
  • Health benefit
  • Finding yourself in dance and performance
  • Dance improvisation

For a free trial lesson you need a preliminary registration: 

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+32(0)488 18 83 15

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