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Registration for Tik-Tok Dance groups for children from 6 years old


Registration for Tik-Tok Dance groups for children from 6 years old

Your child hangs on gadgets, watches Tik-Tok for hours, dreams to do original and cool TikTok videos and wants to be aware of the most popular trends? Does he/she have a lot of ideas and unspent energy, or, on the contrary, is he/she shy? You are in the perfect place at the perfect time! We have opened a new type of dance - TIK-TOK DANCE in our studio Impuls!

The social network TikTok is a relatively young platform, but today it has caught up with Instagram and YouTube in popularity. TikTok creates trends.

Tik-Tok dances are for kids and teenagers who want to be popular and trendy.

Tik-Tok Dance is based on a combination of basic modern dance and original tik-tok trend elements. In the process of training, in addition to mastering the basics of rhythm and choreography, repetitive basic movements are studied and on their basis the new unique movements are created. This technique immerses individuals in the modern dance environment as much as possible, helps children to understand their preferences, relax and show their individuality.

Childhood and adolescence is an ideal time to form the basis of modern dance and determine the dance direction for further development and improvement. In addition, Tik-Tok Dance is a great way for any person to get used to regular physical activity.

As part of the training, our studio helds different performances, competitions and master classes.

Enrollment is still going on.

Give your children a chance to discover their talents, express themselves and their emotions through dance. Not to observe, but to create trends!

We look forward to seing you to our studio.


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