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Украинская народная хореография

Sep 12,2018

Эстрадный вокал и танец

Sep 12,2018

Классический танец

Sep 12,2018


Sep 12,2018

Народный и современный танец

Sep 12,2018


Sep 12,2018
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Lady Style

Sep 12,2018

Постановка свадебного танца

Sep 12,2018


Sep 12,2018


Sep 12,2018

Dance Mix

Sep 12,2018


Sep 12,2018
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Детский лагерь

Aug 21,2018

Организация праздников

Aug 21,2018

Заказ артистов

Aug 21,2018

Свадебный танец

Aug 21,2018

Аренда костюмов

Aug 21,2018

Индивидуальные занятия

Aug 21,2018
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About Us

Welcome to the Center of dance and sports development IMPULS! Here you will learn not only how to dance, but also achieve your goals! We are young and talented, and we love what we do!

We offer high quality dance classes from professional certified choreographers.

ou can enroll to the Impuls Center not only at the beginning of the study season, but also during the study year.

Our dance school welcomes students of any age as from 2.5 years old. We are constantly expanding, that is why we can offer you more and more areas of modern choreography for which you can enroll right now.

Affordable prices Professional teachers Participation in festivals and competitions Great variety of modern dance classes


Founder and artistic director

Anastasiia Fedorenko

Master of Kherson State University. Specialty: pedagogy and methods of secondary education, choreography. Qualification: teacher of choreographic disciplines.


days a week


studios in Brussels


certified choreographers


dance styles


Below you can download class schedules and a calendar for 2019


We will be happy to answer your questions.


Rue de Nieuwenhove 82/3,

1180 Uccle, Belgique


0488 18 83 15 - Anastasiia Fedorenko (director)

0499 36 55 99 - Julia Vorshilova (administrator)



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